Who needs a massage?

Who needs a massage? Sitting at a computer all day causes your shoulders to raise which  causes tension in the neck and upper back. This tension can be felt as hardness or actual lumps and bumps in the muscle. When I locate bumps or tension in muscles I gently press on them to 'dissolve' them, sometimes this happens [...]

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What’s that coming over the hill….

As any of the ladies from the Lancaster Women's Running Group will tell you, I love hills! The feeling I get when hill running is great, you get all the good feelings you get when running on the flat but multiplied. I get a real buzz from it! You can almost feel the strength in [...]

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Make the first step….

Starting running can be really daunting and it can take a great deal of courage to make the first move. Joining a group like the Lancaster Women's Running Group can really help as you do not have to run alone and there is a lot of support and help available. You do not have the added pressure of thinking of somewhere to run, all you have to do is make the move and turn up. You will see you fitness improve so much in a short space of time if you stick at it and come regularly. If you run with the group once or twice a week plus a circuits class your fitness and stamina will come on in,leaps and bounds. You will see an increased level of energy as your body adapts and your muscles will feel firmer. See below for many more benefits!

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Starting as I mean to go on….my marathon training plan….

My first training run was 10 miles out and back along Morecambe Promenade. The weather was not great and after a tough session (training not drinking!) the night before my legs were not playing ball. I eventually finished feeling windswept and carbohydrate deficient. Note to self for next time, do not do hard sessions a few hours before hard runs with just a jacket potato and a few hours sleep in between!

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Who can run? About Lancaster Women’s Running Group

We welcome women just like you. The Lancaster Womens Running Group caters for women of all running abilities, including the complete beginner. Even if you are unfit or have never run before, we can help you get started, giving you sensible advice, support and company while you run. We will help you to identify and reach your goals. Your Running Leaders in Lancaster are Sadie Mckeand and Lindsay Hudd. For details of the Lancaster running sessions, complete the contact form or email sadie at or Lindsay at

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Call yourself a runner?

I love to run, it is my passion. I have loved running since the first ever run in training for the Race for Life in 2005. At that point I thought 'I will never be able to run'. Now I can't stop! So why do we run? Running wakes me up and starts my day off or winds me down from a difficult day. It makes me feel alive, and even if I am tired and don't feel like getting out of the door I am always glad I did. So is it the fact that I run races that makes me a runner? Or that I sometimes run with a club? No I think it is the fact that I get out there and do it, come rain or shine and the fact that I enjoy and choose to do it that makes me a runner. It does not matter how fast you run, how far or how often. I don't like the word 'jogger'. You either run or you don't. You are runner from the first time you lace up your running shoes.

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The chill factor – winter running training

A nice crisp winters day is actually one of my favourite times of year to run. I would much rather run on soft snow through a field than trek around the London marathon in searing heat and humidity. OK there are times when the blanket scenario seems very appealing but once you get wrapped up and out there its not too bad after all. It can clear your head and focus your thoughts, and usually everywhere is quiet! Christmas day morning is one of my favourite times to run for this reason. And of course you feel that you can enjoy the festivities later in the day guilt free! Its that time of year when you want to snuggle underneath a fleecy blanket and not come out until Spring but the fitness you have worked for all year would not thank you for that. Fitness deteriorates very quickly, within just seven days of not training blood volume decreases which affects your ability to perform aerobic work. After just three to six weeks of not training, fitness can drop to pre-training levels, this in itself is enough to get me out of the door, whatever the weather. So this article includes a some tips and advice to keep you moving through the winter weather.

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Baby its cold outside….Cold weather running

The temperature has dropped, the nights are drawing in and some days it just feels too hard to get your warm body out of the door. We all need a bit of motivational advice sometimes but wintertime is the time when we may need it the most. There is always an excuse not to go for a run, too tired, not enough time, its too cold outside, its raining, the list goes on. But almost always there is a way to get round the excuse, where there's a will there's a way! A lack of motivation could be down to over training, your body has just had enough. If this is the case you need to listen to your body, maybe not if it says lie on the sofa for a week and eat chocolate biscuits, but if you are training a lot and need a day or two off, then take them. Your body will really thank you for it. If however you just need a little encouragement to get back on the road, read on. The hardest bit of a run is quite often getting your trainers on....

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