Copper 88 Compression Garments – Review

  • The long sleeve compression top


I have been waiting for a while and was looking forward to trying out this new compression sports top with 88% embedded copper in its composition. I needed to wait until the weather turned cooler to try it. After the lovely warm summer, the temperature dropped a couple of weeks ago so I gave it a spin out.

The theory is, that the natural properties in the copper in the material is thought to aid relief of muscle stiffness and soreness by transporting oxygen to the affected area through the blood stream. Copper is also thought to have antibacterial and anti microbial properties which are both good to have in sports wear. The fibres also wick away moisture quickly, and also has the advantage of being anti odour and has an SPF of 30. The copper is integrated within the fibres of the garments in a way that even after countless washes, it remains active. After reading the literature I was keen to give it a go.

I wore the top for cycling and running so I could compare how it performed. The material was lovely, very light, soft and silky to wear. The wicking effect was great, after a 50 mile hilly bike ride, the material was still almost dry. And I am a sweaty exerciser! I did not get the benefit of the compression as the top felt too big. I ordered a size 10 and could have probably done with an 8 or smaller so it felt I was getting the full benefit.

During the run the top felt really comfortable and breathable. I could hardly tell I had a top on yet felt warm enough to wear just that for an evening run in mid October. The top became a bit damper than on the bike ride but I was wearing a back pack which probably caused that. It dried very quickly once I had stopped running. The top also washed very well, held its shape, colour and softness.

Its hard to tell whether the copper had an effect as I had no muscle soreness before wearing it. I can imagine if the fit was right and it was used as a compression garment then it would have some effect. Maybe the shorts would have been better to test as I generally feel any muscle soreness in my quads and glutes.

All in all, the top was lovely to wear. Stylish in all black ( I did wear a high viz vest on top for evening running) and generally a good piece of kit.

The top (as well as lots of other items such as shorts, gloves, elbow and knee supports) can be purchased, for £42.99 online at

  • The compression shorts


I thought I would add a photo of me wearing the shorts, as sometimes you don’t get a realistic idea of what they look like when being modeled by very thin, tall women! I have a muscular body and not all shorts suit my hill running, squat jumping legs. But I have to say, I was really pleased with how these fit. When I took them out of the packet they looked tiny, I ordered a size small as the medium top had been too big. But they stretch really well and are a perfect fit. They feel nicely compression like but not overly tight so you can’t move. They also didn’t squeeze my thighs so much that they stick out at the seams of the shorts.

To start with I wore them under jeans as a recovery item after a hard kettle bell class the previous day. My glutes and hamstrings were suffering from a little delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMs) so it was a perfect time to try them out. I even wore them under some running tights and didn’t have unsightly ridges on my thighs like you get from some compression shorts.

My DOMs resolved itself after a day or two, again like the top, I’m not sure how much of that was down to the copper integrated into the material or whether it would have happened anyway but for the price of these shorts, they are a good piece of recovery clothing.

They can be ordered from the link for the price of £29.99

  • The Calf Sleeve


Here I am wearing the shorts and the calf sleeve. This weekend I tried my first duathlon and unfortunately pulled my calf on the first run so couldn’t complete it. Cue calf sleeve! I was sent a small size and again, I have not got small calfs but it fits well. Just enough support and compression. I put it on straight after the event and there it has stayed. As a Personal Trainer, I can’t afford to stay injured for long and I am very impatient if I can’t run. So with a mixture of massage, foam rolling, rest and my compression sleeve, it is feeling much better. It has helped more than my usual calf compression guards that I use. I have not tried running in it (there is only one guard per box). So if you are using them as a preventative measure it would help to buy two boxes. It does not really make this clear on ordering that there is only one, most calf sleeves come in pairs. But theses are priced as one item so buying two would be similar to buying the ones sold in pairs.

The calf sleeve (as well as ankle, knee supports, gloves and socks) can be ordered from for the price of £14.99.

All the copper products offer the same properties as the top with wicking, antibacterial, anti odour and compression benefits.