Healthy Start Holidays – The food!


One of the Three Pillars from the Healthy Start Holiday team is nutrition – You are what you eat.

I was so inspired by the food during the week that it deserved its own page! Not only was it delicious and really fresh and healthy, it was very simple to make (which is really important when, like me, you exercise a lot and some days have very little time between sessions).

Ros was great and planned our meals for the week, each meal time she appeared at the kitchen hatch with a smile and something delicious to eat! For each meal we had a recipe card with the ingredients, the method of making the dish and what the ingredients do for your body. One of the things Ros said in her workshops which I now think about when planning a meal is ‘Think about what your body gets from this food’. That is so simple but really effective.

As a Personal Trainer I spend quite a lot of time advising clients about food and making good choices. So, the fact that Healthy Start Holidays team were on the same wave length was great. It is not about counting calories or wiping out whole food groups from your diet. It is about eating an avocado, eating nuts, eating healthy fats and natural sugars. It is about eating food that has not been processed too much, about getting balance into your diet (and life in general). It is about enjoying your food in the healthiest way possible and understanding why you are eating it.

My days sometime run over 12 hours during busy times. I am very guilty of advising clients about food and then not carrying out my own advice, instead running on a few cheesy oatcakes with a biscuit chaser! It was brilliant going away and staying with the team, not only having my meals made for me but learning how to make very quick healthy meals from things you may have in the fridge and making meals really tasty by adding fresh herbs and spices.

During the week it was great to visit the Eco farm to see where we got our eggs for the week from (Happy chickens lay really good eggs!) and also to the local dairy where the milk and yoghurt is left unprocessed and full of goodness. I have realised how much this really matters. You get so many more nutrients (and so much more taste!) when you eat foods that have not sat in the supermarket shelf for weeks. So. if you can, try to buy local and fresh. It may mean shopping more often, but that’s no bad thing. Fresh food goes off. It makes you use it!


So Ros spent the week making lovely food for us. Some of these recipes are in her book, the others are inspired from other books.

Ros’s recipes (from her book – A Manner of Eating)

Spiced hummus with roasted chickpeas

Cinnamon crunch granola

Rosemary roasted veg

Green bean and hazelnut salad

Tomato, goats cheese and basil frittata

Herb crusted fish

Honey and almond muesli

Mediterranean baked eggs


Other meals cooked by Ros from different recipe books

Susan-Jane White, Extra Virgin Kitchens

Cauliflower and chickpea curry

Dale Pinnock, The Medicinal Chef

Garlic greens with white beans and chorizo
Banana, peanut and oat bars

Tomato Gazpacho with thyme croutons

Love and Lemons

Courgette and pesto salad

Yotam Ottolenghi, Plenty More

Mango and chickpea salad

Avocado, beetroot and pea salad
Cucumber and ginger salad

Green Kitchen Stories

Peanut butter and berry smoothie


Naomi Devlin, River Cottage Gluten Free

Leek Quiche (pastry)


Jessica Sepel, JS Health

Grain free banana bread


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(Some photos taken by Rik)