Hoka Huaka – Review by Juliet Whyte

hoka 1

I recently acquired a pair of Hoka Huaka trainers to try. I am normally a Brookes girl so was keen to see how these would fair. My first impressions before wearing them was nice design, I liked the colour scheme of grey and orange and they felt very light in my hands. On the down side I would prefer conventional laces, but that’s just my preference and I have just discovered that it is possible to swap the speed laces for normal ones.

The trainers I was trying were size 5.5. My normal shoe size is 5 but my Brookes running trainers are size 6.  When I first put the Hokas on they felt very light and well cushioned.  My right foot felt very comfy but it felt a little tight on my left.

I normally only run short distances between 4 and 5 miles. My normal terrain is road with a small amount of grass/footpath thrown in. Overall I found the trainers very light and easy to run in. I felt that they supported my foot well and cushioned any impact. The only downside was that my left  foot was slightly squashed but this is probably due to my feet being a funny shape and I could have probably done with a size 6 to accommodate my odd feet.

Overall I liked them and would be tempted to try a few different Hoka  trainers when looking for my next pair.

hoka 2