New Term, New Start!

Hello! I haven’t written a post for a while so as I now have a little more time, I can catch up with my website. Work has been really busy over this year which is great but leaves little time for writing and such like. I have just returned from almost a month in France where the sun shone, the cols were high, the cheese was tasty and the wine…well say no more!

I had a few weeks just cycling, running, hiking, sitting in rivers (I would love to say I swum but I wasn’t brave enough without my swim buddies!) and just being outside in my favourite place. I really love running in France, even in the heat. We traveled through Belgium, into the Voges, then the Alps (to shout on Chris Froome and the Sky lads), into the Drome where we watched the magnificent Griffon Vultures in Remuzat and then down to Provence. We traveled back through the Cevenne and the Massif Central. I am learning French and for the first time during the trip, I felt like I could hold a bit of a conversation.


We returned home to my boys after a very long drive. The house was in one piece (although on the grubby side!) so it wasn’t too traumatic to return! 🙂 I was definitely ready for a soak in a bath and my own bed. I love French campsites but after all those weeks, a bit of home comfort was appreciated!

Before I went away, I went for an interview to start a Return to Nursing course at Uclan. I got a place and so decided to stop massaging in July when I left for France. I haven’t nursed for over 18 years! But I always left a little bit of me there, ready to return at some point. I love my job, but at times it can feel a bit isolated. I enjoy team work, so I thought now is as good a time as any to return, just part time, to my nursing career.

I start at Ucan in October, one day per week at university and then one day per week in clinical practice. The course is for 12 weeks and then I can look for work. I would love part time work as I want to keep going with my Personal Training. I have built up such a great relationship with my regular clients that I do not want to let that go. Best of both worlds hopefully!

I am really looking forward to starting this new journey, I actually do enjoy writing assignments in things I am interested in, and would love to do some work on health promotion. Now where is my paper cap and belt buckle! 😉