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Personal Training Information

Welcome to my Personal Training page. I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and fitness instructor, with a keen interest in running and all things fitness. I have a nursing and teaching background. I am specifically interested in training women of any age, size or ability, whether that is for training for an event, holiday or just wanting to get fit and improve health. I am also qualified in ante and post natal fitness, see that page for more details.

Some times people need a bit of direction and motivation to progress or even start their training. Personal Training can really help to achieve and more importantly, keep results by working with a program that is individually tailored for your needs.

If you decide to try a course of Personal Training you will have a free consultation meeting. This is an informal chat where we can meet up and I can introduce myself and explain what I do. We can discuss your thoughts on Personal Training and what specific needs and goals you have. I will also perform some fitness measurements which are nothing to worry about, they just give me a baseline of where we are starting from and are really useful to measure results from. I will take your blood pressure, weight (not compulsory) and some body measurements. I will also give you a food diary to take home to fill in from which I can do a nutritional analysis if you want to make changes to your diet. For further information view the dietary analysis article on this site.

To ensure you are healthy and ready to start a program you will be asked to complete a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. This is to make me aware of any medical history and ailments that may affect you exercising. You must complete this form honestly as any past medical conditions that I am not aware of may affect the progression of your program or even worse, put your health at risk.  Your program will take into account your exercise likes and dislikes and also the time you have available to train. In order for you to stick to a program it needs to be varied and enjoyable so I will discuss all this with you at the time.

A typical session lasts one hour and includes work to strengthen the body whilst at the same time reducing body fat levels and boosting energy levels by working on cardio-vascular fitness. All exercises will be demonstrated, observed and done alongside you to ensure they are performed correctly and safely to prevent injury.

Cardio-vascular exercise is important and features quite strongly in the program. This is what burns fat and makes your heart healthier. Your resting heart rate should start to come down after a time as your heart gets stronger so beats with more force but less frequency. This is something you can check yourself before getting up in the morning.

The cardio work may involve us going for a walk or run, cycling, skipping or steps. There are many ways we can work your heart. Exercise can be fun as well as hard work and I try get you doing things you enjoy while at the same time pushing you a bit harder each week so that you see results. It may also include interval training which is fantastic for fat burning. This involves mixing fast, short, intense bursts of exercise with rest periods in between. Williamson’s Park is a great outdoor gym on our doorstep so this can be used for any different sessions. There are also quiet times to go so you would not have to feel self conscious. Some hill work is usually incorporated in my workouts, again at your own level. Hill work is fantastic for fitness gains and muscle strengthening, and it can be fun too! Other workouts on the plan can be done in your own home or in the gym.

There is always some core stability and core strength exercises involved also. This involves exercises with medicine balls and balancing. They are quite difficult at first but are great for building those important abdominal and lower back muscles. These are the muscles that give us our posture and are crucial for day to day activities, everything from walking to bending down to pick something up. Core work is essential to protect your body through everyday life and it is often neglected. I can show you easy simple exercises that you can fit into your life without thinking too much about them. For further information view the core stability article on this site.

There will also be some weight based exercises involved to improve muscular strength and endurance. Weight training does not mean lifting really heavy weights on a bar and building huge biceps! It is conditioning strength training which tones muscles and burns fat. Lean muscle burns more calories than fat so it makes sense not to skip this part of the training especially if your goal is to lose fat or tone up. Weight will always be suited to your current level of strength and adapted accordingly. Don’t forget, your safety is of primary importance so I will not be asking you to lift weights you are unable to lift. Many of the exercises will be using your body weight and you can have a really effective workout using minimal equipment.

Equipment that we may use include:

  • Rip 60 suspension system
  • Dumb Bells
  • Kettle Bells
  • Medicine Balls
  • Swiss Ball
  • Resistance Bands
  • Skipping Ropes
  • Boxing gloves and pads
  • Wobble board
  • Power Bag
  • Logs!
  • Battle Rope
  • Your own body weight

All the sessions are different to keep you motivated and they are designed to meet your specific goals.

Benefits of Personal Training

There are many benefits of home based personal training rather than going to a gym or a class or trying to exercise on your own.
*It is convenient for you as you can do the majority of your workout at home, apart from some of the cardio training, and even that can be performed in your garden or local street or park.
*Home workouts are less intimidating if you are not used to the gym environment and you can build up your self-confidence in a one to one situation until you are ready to join a gym. You may not wish to join a gym at all but this may start you off on your training journey.
*Personal Training is cheaper for you as you are not paying for a gym membership. You do not need any expensive equipment as I will supply all of this and give you recommendations on what to buy if needed.
*I will work around your lifestyle and train you at a time convenient to you. If that means meeting you in the park at 5am then I will be ready for it!
*It raises your commitment levels, you are likely to be more committed after having the free consultation and starting your program.
*I get to know you well, so I know what you like and dislike, I know your level of fitness and when you are working at the right level.


Price list for One to One Personal Training (inc nutritional analysis and plan if wanted)
1 session of 1 hour Personal Training. £30.00 per session
5 sessions of 1 hour Personal Training  £130.00  (saving £20)
10 sessions of 1 hour Personal Training £270.00  (saving £30)
20 sessions of 1 hour Personal Training £500.00  (saving £100)

Occasionally I may not have the day/space you would require therefore I can offer remote training packages for £150 which consist of:

1 consultation, 1 x PT session (to check level of fitness and correct technique), 10 weeks of training emailed to you each week , diet analysis,unlimited email contact support.

Please note that you are required to give 12 hours notice if you cannot make or have to change your appointment or you may be charged.

Don’t delay, get in touch via the contact from or email

Unfortunately I do not run sessions over weekends and bank holidays.


Sadie is very knowledgeable, she’s a great motivator and she makes exercising fun and something to look forward to.
Personal Training
I loved every second – even burpees in the wind and rain.
Personal Training
Sandbags, logs you name it Sadie has a use for it!
Personal Training
Would I recommend her? You bet I would!
Personal Training
I knew she was a runner & I wanted to improve my own running performance & I’ve never looked back!
Personal Training