Review – SASS Intimate Skincare



I was offered a trial of these sporty skincare products, being a runner and a cyclist it seemed a good idea to try them out. Leading a women’s only running group I am all too aware of some of the problems women face when exercising.

The creams arrived in lovely packaging and looked like high quality products in their individual boxes. I was looking forward to trying them in my cycling and running activities. Here is what I thought.

SASS Barrier Cream


This cream is a Ph balanced chamois cream which is designed to reduce friction and give soothing relief whilst  exercising Now, I don’t usually use any cream whilst on the bike, although I know a lot of people swear by it. I have only had a couple of occasions where I have come back from a ride chafed and sore. Running on the other hand is a different story. I am often chafed (in various places) after a long run and especially if its a wet day, or am running in my back pack.

I tried the cream for cycling and running and I have to say it worked really well. Its easy to apply and doesn’t feel too greasy or at all sticky. I had no chafing in the areas I applied it. I will also be using this around the neck of my wet suit where I always get really bad sores from the Velcro rubbing.

Online price at the moment is £7.00

SASS Recovery Serum


So, a solution for if you forget the barrier cream or it doesn’t work properly! Recovery Serum is a high quality cream which soothes, cools, moisturises and protects the irritated skin. It protects against pH imbalance which in turn can cause infections such as thrush. This cream was great to apply after showering to chafed areas and really soothed it, much better than cream I have previously used (nappy rash cream!). It does sting quite a lot when first applied, as I found out after last weeks 24 mile trail run. I had forgotten to apply the barrier cream. It was a damp day and I was running for 6 hours in a back pack. Because my back was so wet, I chafed, a lot! After the initial eye watering sting (which you would get even with water on a bad chafe) it soothed the areas well and it healed them up really quickly. The following day I couldn’t feel anything!

Online price at the moment is £8.00

What is pH balance?

pH is the scale of acid/alkaline balance of an environment. Shower gels, creams and soaps can upset the pH balance of the intimate area and cause infections. Prevention is always better then cure! Therefore these creams have been developed with this in mind ,especially for active women, because, lets face it, we don’t want to be prevented from doing our thing because of a preventable infection!

So to round it up. The creams are really good value, high quality and do what they say on the box. They are really well priced and can be purchased at


Westlab Epsom Salts – 


For after your exercise you can soak in a relaxing, reviving bath of Westlab Epsom Salts. These salts are pure, of premium quality and are great for sports recovery and muscle relaxation. Westlab Epsom Salts are the perfect product for sports and fitness enthusiasts or generally anyone with aching muscles. I tried these after a few long runs and really enjoyed the soak. The salts don’t smell (which is better for the skin to be unperfumed) and I felt really clean and detoxed once I got out of the bath. Its hard to tell how much muscle recovery you get from bath soaks but these always feel like they are giving your muscles benefit.

The salts come in an easy to seal pack and are very well priced at £2.99 for 500g, £5.99 for 1kg packs and £14.99 for 5kg packs.

Here is what Westlab say about their salts.

  • Soothing and Detoxifying.
  • Helps relax tired and aching muscles.
  • Excellent when used after Sports and Exercise.
  • Westlab only source the highest quality Epsom Salt.
  • Pure, Pharmaceutical Grade Standard

You can purchase these salts, as well as Dead sea salt and Himalayan salt from the Westlab website