Review – Saucony Peregrine 6


I always tend to run in Saucony road shoes. I like the wide toe box and always find them comfortable and supportive without the need to ‘break them in’ much.

I am new to trail running and usually stay safely on the roads after having three ankle breaks but I would like to start some ultra marathons and had the chance to try these Saucony Peregrine 6 shoes out on trails. I wore them a little around the house before I ran in them. They were comfortable from the out set. I usually take a 4.5 or 5 in day time shoes and my running shoes are generally a size 5. There were a true fit with a size 5. Perfect! Plenty of wriggle room for toes but close fitting enough to be supportive and hug my feet.

I loved the colour and design of the shoes. In fact I was quite sad to get them muddy. The tread looked really rugged and grippy so I was very keen to get on some trails to see if they performed as well as they looked like they would. I was not disappointed.

I had a 23 mile run planned around the Ullswater Way in the Lake District. I was hoping that running that far straight away in new shoes would be OK! I was right. They were brilliant. My feet were comfortable the whole day, even though the ground under foot was changing frequently; through deep mud, on hard packed trails, on gravel paths, on road, over grass, up and down hills, through water, over rocks, you name it, we ran over it! I found the grip on the shoes to be really good. The day was damp so some of the rocky parts could have been slippery. I felt safe and in control for the whole run (apart from when we got lost!) and even quite nimble over the rocky areas  I had been a little nervous about trail running before hand but after the first few miles I had the confidence to scamper over rocks and tree stumps knowing that my feet would stay exactly where I landed them! I loved it!


The shoes felt sturdy enough for all the trails but flexible enough to respond to the changes of pace and terrain underfoot. The small amount of road running felt comfortable enough with the right amount of support and cushioning but I probably wouldn’t want to run for long on the road in trail shoes anyway.

At the end of the run my feet were great. Not a single blister or sore area. My feet didn’t stay dry, but they dried out very quickly thanks to the breathable upper and the shoes did not rub at all. They performed really well and exactly how I had hoped.


Here is the technical bit!  The Saucony Peregrine 6 has protected upper, heel and forefoot rock plates, and a new ‘Powertrac’ out sole which will work exceptionally well on a wet pavement in order to get to the trail, its multi-directional lug design will tackle the undulating terrain with protection.

The Peregrine 6 gives runners the means to conquer any terrain. EVERUN in the heel delivers shock-dampening cushioning, while the highly flexible mid sole allows you to adapt and react to uneven surfaces. Answer the call of the wild with confidence when you lace up the brand new Peregrine 6.

The Saucony Peregrine can be purchased from The Runners Centre for £110. Worth every penny for comfortable, blister free long runs! Not only are they brilliant to run in, they look great too. For the pink/blue shoes you may need to order them.

img_0948 Content and smiling at the end of a great day, with happy feet!