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Personal Training

I began my sessions with the aim of improving my overall strength and fitness. The sessions are well planned as well as personally designed and you feel both challenged and encouraged throughout.
Sadie is the real bonus of these workouts because she is so knowledgeable and positive and her own fitness is inspirational rather than intimidating. Training outside,whatever the weather, certainly beats the monotony of the gym and always leaves you feeling upbeat and energized.
AD, Lancaster

During my enforced break from running I booked a series of ten personal training sessions thinking 1-2-1 training would help me start to regain fitness (and confidence) – and it has!  Sadie is very knowledgeable, she’s a great motivator and she makes exercising fun and something to look forward to.  I can’t recommend these sessions highly enough.

SH, Lancaster


I signed up for PT sessions with Sadie after seeing her whip a colleague into shape. I didn’t have weight to lose, but wanted to improve my fitness and strength after living a fairly sedentary lifestyle for the past few years. Little did I know that ten months later I’d have become a running obsessive and be finishing my first marathon.

As a personal trainer Sadie is firm, but in the nicest possible way. I ached after every session but we went at the right pace for me and I could feel the exercises working. I loved every second – even burpees in the wind and rain.
In my 20s I went to the gym six days a week without fail but I’m far fitter now than I have ever been. I’ve also made some great friends through the running club and have a hobby that I can’t imagine I’ll ever give up.
If I ever won the Lottery I’d hire Sadie on a full time basis, without doubt. She can hold me to that when my number’s come in…

EH, Giggleswick


I first met Sadie in the early part of this year. 2012 had been a tough year and as a result it was my fitness that suffered. I decided to book a fitness instructor to get me started again.

Sadie was recommended to me by another fitness instructor.

What do I like about Sadie? Where do I begin. She is passionate about fitness and lifestyle and this comes across. I like the fact that you don’t have to pound a treadmill in the gym for hours. Sandbags, logs you name it Sadie has a use for it!

Her sessions are tailored to my needs, they are enjoyable and I look forward to my weekly session with Sadie.

I initially booked 10 sessions and here I am many months later. The sessions with Sadie are part of my fitness regime now.

Would I recommend her? You bet I would!

CM, Garstang


Dear Sadie, I just want to say a massive thank you for being my Personal Trainer over the last few months. Your motivation and continous support has encouraged me to become healthier and fitter but most importantly it has also given me confidence in myself and my abilities.

You have guided me and taught me that exercise is fun and worthwhile, something I did not believe. You have been an inspirational person to me, so much so that you have got me into running! Keep up the great work!

L.S, Lancaster


” After deciding I wanted a personal trainer, I chose Sadie because I knew she was a runner & I wanted to improve my own running performance & I’ve never looked back! Each week we do something different & work on the whole body & I like the variety of exercises that we do. Since training with Sadie, I’ve lost 1.5 stone, completed 3 half marathons- knocked 3 mins off my half marathon time & 6mins off my 10k time! My next challenge is the Edinburgh marathon & Sadie is helping me focus for this! ”

ZM, Bentham


Sports Massage

I have been seeing Sadie over several months for tight and painful muscles, over time my muscles have become more relaxed and with little or no pain due to the massage therapy I have been having.

I find Sadie is a good listener and offers feedback and has a good knowledge of the muscular system.

Its great to be able to go to someone like Sadie who knows and understands my muscular problems.

Sadie has been instrumental in giving me some quality of life back.

Sadie’s treatment room is comfortable and relaxing as she creates an atmosphere of calm and relaxation.

I would recommend Sadie as she is always professional, patient and will pay attention to your needs.

G.K, Lancaster


I had suffered from a severely frozen shoulder for many months during which time I had undergone around 28 hours of physiotherapy. By the time I was discharged my shoulder was no longer painful but certain movements remained restricted and a friend suggested I try a course of massage.

I am writing now just a couple of days after my first session and I’m delighted with the improvement. The massage itself which took place in a warm candlelit room was a most enjoyable experience, and the improvement in the range of movement in my shoulder has been considerable. Sadie’s professional attitude and her long experience as a nurse inspired confidence and I look forward to my next session.

J.B, Morecambe


I have had a few leg massages now from Sadie. She provides the best sports massage I have ever had. The room is always welcoming and warm, the bed comfortable. She always uses the right amount of pressure and regularly checks that everything is ok for you. My legs always feel great afterwards, as well as helping to prevent injuries. Her prices are very reasonable indeed – even cheaper if you train with her. Highly recommended.

EB, Lancaster


I’ve been a weekly sports massage client of Sadie’s for the last 12 months to help me recover from training and racing and would recommend her to anyone. Having trained as a Sports Therapist myself in the past, and been a competitive cyclist and now also runner for over 20 years, I have received massages from numerous different therapist’s, and can safely say Sadie ranks among the best. Her technique is a balance between a firm massage on tight muscles, but no so deep as to leave bruising or excessive post massage soreness, alongside more relaxing movements on areas of less tension. Give her a go you won’t be disappointed, and will probably end up booking a block of 10 massages, like I did originally.

D.O, Lancaster


Lancaster Women’s Running Group

As a ‘new’ runner it took a while for me to pluck up courage to go along to run with LWRG. I’m so glad I did – I have found a supportive and encouraging group of women and made some wonderful new friends. I really feel that with the on-going support of the group I can achieve my running goals. A big thank you!
L.M, Heysham


The running group came at the right time for me. I began running 18 months ago and after a flurry of losing weight, entering 10K’s, and half marathons my motivation began to wane. I knew that I wanted to keep the weight off but was lacking my earlier enthusiasm. Then I found out about the running group . This group offers me more than motivation to run, advice and support, but also socialinteraction, a laugh, fun and an opportunity to explore Lancaster and its surrounding village.

J.C, Bolton Le Sands


I Have been going to the womens’ running group for approx. 18 months (with a gap last year!), and enjoy the supportive and fun atmosphere! I find running hard – but the group motivates me by challenging me more than I  would running on my own, and making it okay not to be the fastest of runners! Running always makes me feel better and I both run on my own and with the group – it’s great to have both options. Definitely recommend it to anyone who runs or who wants to!

B.H, Lancaster

I have found running with LWRG brilliant – the support, motivation and friendship had been amazing. It doesn’t matter how fast, or slow in my case, you are support is there.  Having had a break for almost 10 months getting back to the group had been a really positive experience – it’s a bit like meeting up with friends once a week.  I just wish I could get to more sessions.

SH, Lancaster