LWRG 28th May Saturday run

Todays run was a meeting at Riverside Walk car park on Caton Road in Lancaster. The weather stayed kind to us and we enjoyed the run along the river to the aqua-duct and then followed the pretty canal path back to Lancaster. We saw lovely wildlife including two swans, one with her cygnets on her back! A really nice 4.5 mile run.

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LWRG Saturday 21st May Glasson Dock run

Todays run went all the way to Glasson Dock, a long run that everyone did great at. We met up at the car park at the end of Station Crossing Lane near the estuary. The weather looked changeable but so far so good. We had a gentle run to warm our legs up towards Glasson Dock and then stopped to stretch. The scenery over the estuary was lovely and it was a quiet, peaceful day.

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Saturday 30th April LWRG

Todays run was another lovely sunny one along the river bank at Crook O Lune. A great flat run on grass and a good one to take dogs on as it is all off road. It was a nice relaxed run with lots of talk of the Royal wedding from the previous day. The group naturally split into two at a few points with the faster runners looping back every now and then so we could all set out again together.

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Baby its cold outside….Cold weather running

The temperature has dropped, the nights are drawing in and some days it just feels too hard to get your warm body out of the door. We all need a bit of motivational advice sometimes but wintertime is the time when we may need it the most. There is always an excuse not to go for a run, too tired, not enough time, its too cold outside, its raining, the list goes on. But almost always there is a way to get round the excuse, where there's a will there's a way! A lack of motivation could be down to over training, your body has just had enough. If this is the case you need to listen to your body, maybe not if it says lie on the sofa for a week and eat chocolate biscuits, but if you are training a lot and need a day or two off, then take them. Your body will really thank you for it. If however you just need a little encouragement to get back on the road, read on. The hardest bit of a run is quite often getting your trainers on....

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This is a marathon – not a sprint

Well are you in or are you out? The time has come where thousands of runners find out if they have got a place in the Virgin London Marathon. For most people the response is the same. "Oh No I'm not in". And more often "OH NO I AM IN". Whatever your emotion - pleased, terrified, relieved, excited you have got a lot of work to do to get to the finish line. Training is not to be taken lightly and needs to start months before the race. Many runners do not know where to start, how far and how often to run, what to wear, what to eat and drink. This causes people to give up on their training and get despondent, or injured. On the other side of the coin they over train and arrive on the start line exhausted and in no fit state to run a marathon. My marathon advice takes you through training plans, food, drink and clothing and relates to any marathon, I am just using The VLM as an example. I have ran 5 marathons over the past 3 years, some good, some (very) bad, but all hard work.

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