LWRG Saturday 18th June Crook O Lune

We had a lovely run this morning along the river around Crook O Lune. We were joined by 2 herds of cows and a herd of sheep (is that the right term for sheep?). We had a good laugh, chatted about food and generally had a nice time and a good run. Most of this run is on grass so feels lovely on the legs.

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LWRG Tuesday 31st May Trim trail, Lancaster University

Tonight we met at the Trim Trail at Lancaster University. We adapted the exercises along the trim trail to make them accessible to everyone. It was beautiful running through the trees on the bark trail. Running off road is great for stabilising your core and using all your muscles as you twist and turn, avoiding roots and sticks, and the muscles which help you balance and keep running with good form.

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LWGR Saturday 14th May – Crook O Lune

Todays run went from the car park at Crook O Lune, alongside the river and back along the cycle track. The path a was a bit undulating but running alongside the river was lovely and peaceful. We came out to a grassy area where we caught our breath and then headed on towards Halton. Read below for details.

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LWRG session 10th May – Barton Road field

We used Barton Road field again this week for a circuits/ speed and agility session with a run at the end. We all had a great time and everyone was supportive. The group took a gentle jog around the edge of the field and back towards the football goal posts where I was setting up cones. We did some dynamic stretches to mobilise the joints and warm the muscles we would be using to run. Well done everyone.

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Ripley Supper Run 5th May 2011

On Thursday 5th May, eight members of the group entered the Ripley Supper Run, a well organised and good quality fun run of 4 miles. The rain stopped for us and the sun even came out for a little while. A good run was had by all.

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LWRG 3rd May Barton Road field

Well we have been so lucky with this weather, each one of our runs so far have been bathed in evening (or morning) sunshine. We planned to meet at Barton Road field this week, next to the Community Centre so at 6pm we gathered in the sunshine for a session.

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Saturday 30th April LWRG

Todays run was another lovely sunny one along the river bank at Crook O Lune. A great flat run on grass and a good one to take dogs on as it is all off road. It was a nice relaxed run with lots of talk of the Royal wedding from the previous day. The group naturally split into two at a few points with the faster runners looping back every now and then so we could all set out again together.

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LWRG Lancaster Quay run -19th April

Our third LWRG session saw us run along the Quay in gorgeous sunshine running 30 Second repeats. The weather was beautifully sunny with a warm breeze, perfect for an evening run. After meeting up we had a gentle run to the warm up area (under the railway bridge) and did some dynamic stretches and mobility exercises including hamstring curls, heel digs and high knees.

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