The chill factor – winter running training

A nice crisp winters day is actually one of my favourite times of year to run. I would much rather run on soft snow through a field than trek around the London marathon in searing heat and humidity. OK there are times when the blanket scenario seems very appealing but once you get wrapped up and out there its not too bad after all. It can clear your head and focus your thoughts, and usually everywhere is quiet! Christmas day morning is one of my favourite times to run for this reason. And of course you feel that you can enjoy the festivities later in the day guilt free! Its that time of year when you want to snuggle underneath a fleecy blanket and not come out until Spring but the fitness you have worked for all year would not thank you for that. Fitness deteriorates very quickly, within just seven days of not training blood volume decreases which affects your ability to perform aerobic work. After just three to six weeks of not training, fitness can drop to pre-training levels, this in itself is enough to get me out of the door, whatever the weather. So this article includes a some tips and advice to keep you moving through the winter weather.

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Be seen not heard – High visibility kit

Well, winter is on it's way and the nights are drawing in. I actually love this time of year and enjoy running in the cold and dark. Whether it is wet, windy, cold, frosty or just dull outside many of us pull on our trainers and set off up the road for our daily fix. At times it is hard to get your warm cosy self out of the door but every time we return we are glad we did it (unless we fall on the ice and get injured). The most important issue to think about when heading off into the dark is safety. High visibility kit is a must for all runners, in fact for anyone out at night who may be on the road. I have had countless near misses with cyclists dressed head to toe in black, with no lights on their bikes, and that is just when I am running. Cyclists or runners dressed in dark clothes would have no chance to be seen by a driver. Wearing brightly coloured clothing or reflective kit when you are on those early morning or evening runs really is essential. It allows motorists to see you clearly and allows you to run with the peace of mind that you know you are as safe as you can be.

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