circuit training

LWRG 3rd May Barton Road field

Well we have been so lucky with this weather, each one of our runs so far have been bathed in evening (or morning) sunshine. We planned to meet at Barton Road field this week, next to the Community Centre so at 6pm we gathered in the sunshine for a session.

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The bottom – cross training your legs

Running is great for toning your legs and bottom, there is no doubt about it. But sometimes it's a good idea to cross training and to mix up your training to get an overall workout, keep your core strong and prevent any muscle getting over-worked or left out altogether. Strength training can enhance your running performance immensely. I swear by circuit training, which I do twice a week. It is a great full body workout, toning all the major muscle groups while giving your legs a change from the pounding of regular running. Salt Ayre Sports Centre offer different levels of circuit training to cater for everyone. One class - Lower body blitz is one of my favourites as it works the thighs, glutes and hamstrings really hard, strong legs is what you need to tackle the hilly runs.

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