Crook O Lune

LWRG Saturday 18th June Crook O Lune

We had a lovely run this morning along the river around Crook O Lune. We were joined by 2 herds of cows and a herd of sheep (is that the right term for sheep?). We had a good laugh, chatted about food and generally had a nice time and a good run. Most of this run is on grass so feels lovely on the legs.

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LWGR Saturday 14th May – Crook O Lune

Todays run went from the car park at Crook O Lune, alongside the river and back along the cycle track. The path a was a bit undulating but running alongside the river was lovely and peaceful. We came out to a grassy area where we caught our breath and then headed on towards Halton. Read below for details.

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Saturday 30th April LWRG

Todays run was another lovely sunny one along the river bank at Crook O Lune. A great flat run on grass and a good one to take dogs on as it is all off road. It was a nice relaxed run with lots of talk of the Royal wedding from the previous day. The group naturally split into two at a few points with the faster runners looping back every now and then so we could all set out again together.

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