Glasson Dock

LWRG Saturday 21st May Glasson Dock run

Todays run went all the way to Glasson Dock, a long run that everyone did great at. We met up at the car park at the end of Station Crossing Lane near the estuary. The weather looked changeable but so far so good. We had a gentle run to warm our legs up towards Glasson Dock and then stopped to stretch. The scenery over the estuary was lovely and it was a quiet, peaceful day.

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LWRG Tuesday 17th May – Glasson Dock

We had a lovely run to (and around) Glasson Dock, running back along the cycle track. This run included a hill and some speed work. e ran to the right to start with to the shady car park for a warm up and some dynamic stretches and then turned for a run to Glasson Dock.

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