Lancaster and Morecambe AC

20 Barriers Race Carnforth High School

Every Year I run this race and each time it seems to get better. All day the rain poured down and I thought we would be in for a soaking but by 7pm the rain had cleared and the sky was a lovely colour. We arrived at Carnforth High School to pick up our numbers. [...]

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Starting as I mean to go on….my marathon training plan….

My first training run was 10 miles out and back along Morecambe Promenade. The weather was not great and after a tough session (training not drinking!) the night before my legs were not playing ball. I eventually finished feeling windswept and carbohydrate deficient. Note to self for next time, do not do hard sessions a few hours before hard runs with just a jacket potato and a few hours sleep in between!

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3 Bridges 10K, Lancaster 3rd April 2011

I had never run this 10K before but was intrigued as to which '3 Bridges' it included. The start was at Salt Ayre Sports Centre, on the cycle track behind the club house. The weather threatened rain but stayed dry for the race, we even got some sunshine at some points. We set off, quite a crowded start but with the widening cycle path we were soon able to get into our pace. We ran the loop of the cycle track and then off out towards the Millennium Bridge (and water station number 1). We headed over the bridge and took a left turn towards Caton Road cycle track. A nice flat run along here soon ended when we were sent up the steps to the Lancaster Canal aqua-duct. The steps themselves did not feel too bad, but trying to pick up your pace again when on the canal path, legs wobbling, was tricky! Once they had stopped burning normal running resumed and we were soon marshalled off the canal bank onto the Halton Road.

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Baby its cold outside….Cold weather running

The temperature has dropped, the nights are drawing in and some days it just feels too hard to get your warm body out of the door. We all need a bit of motivational advice sometimes but wintertime is the time when we may need it the most. There is always an excuse not to go for a run, too tired, not enough time, its too cold outside, its raining, the list goes on. But almost always there is a way to get round the excuse, where there's a will there's a way! A lack of motivation could be down to over training, your body has just had enough. If this is the case you need to listen to your body, maybe not if it says lie on the sofa for a week and eat chocolate biscuits, but if you are training a lot and need a day or two off, then take them. Your body will really thank you for it. If however you just need a little encouragement to get back on the road, read on. The hardest bit of a run is quite often getting your trainers on....

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