Lancaster Women’s Running Group

Ladies running vests

Black technical wicking fabric ladies running vests, with group initials LWRG on the front. Black ladies vests with pink side strips and pink writing. They can be worn on their own or over a long sleeve tee shirt. They can be worn for races and training runs. Sizes  - Small (10) Medium (12) Large (14) [...]

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New Balance 1260

New Balance 1260 I have been lucky enough to test drive a new pair of New Balance training shoes 1260 (predecessor to the 1226). These are a stability shoe with an abundance of technology,  for runners who pronate. This shoe has been awarded Editors Choice from Runners World Autumn/Winter shoe guide. I was keen to try [...]

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20 Barriers Race Carnforth High School

Every Year I run this race and each time it seems to get better. All day the rain poured down and I thought we would be in for a soaking but by 7pm the rain had cleared and the sky was a lovely colour. We arrived at Carnforth High School to pick up our numbers. [...]

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LWRG Lancaster University Trim Trail

This morning we had another fun session running around the woodland trial at Lancaster University and the trim trail. The weather managed to stay dry and we all had a good run and full body workout on the trail. This sort of workout is excellent training to improve strength and fitness as it teaches your legs to run even when they are tired.

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LWRG Saturday 18th June Crook O Lune

We had a lovely run this morning along the river around Crook O Lune. We were joined by 2 herds of cows and a herd of sheep (is that the right term for sheep?). We had a good laugh, chatted about food and generally had a nice time and a good run. Most of this run is on grass so feels lovely on the legs.

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Starting as I mean to go on….my marathon training plan….

My first training run was 10 miles out and back along Morecambe Promenade. The weather was not great and after a tough session (training not drinking!) the night before my legs were not playing ball. I eventually finished feeling windswept and carbohydrate deficient. Note to self for next time, do not do hard sessions a few hours before hard runs with just a jacket potato and a few hours sleep in between!

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LWRG Saturday 4th June Premier Inn car park

This run was lovely and scenic, taking in the views of Lancaster and the coast line. Starting at the Premier Inn on Caton Road in Lancaster this was a hilly run in some parts but a lovely downhill track towards the end. It was a hot day for running but everyone took water and we took our time on the hilly sections.

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LWRG Tuesday 31st May Trim trail, Lancaster University

Tonight we met at the Trim Trail at Lancaster University. We adapted the exercises along the trim trail to make them accessible to everyone. It was beautiful running through the trees on the bark trail. Running off road is great for stabilising your core and using all your muscles as you twist and turn, avoiding roots and sticks, and the muscles which help you balance and keep running with good form.

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