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Starting as I mean to go on….my marathon training plan….

My first training run was 10 miles out and back along Morecambe Promenade. The weather was not great and after a tough session (training not drinking!) the night before my legs were not playing ball. I eventually finished feeling windswept and carbohydrate deficient. Note to self for next time, do not do hard sessions a few hours before hard runs with just a jacket potato and a few hours sleep in between!

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This is a marathon – not a sprint

Well are you in or are you out? The time has come where thousands of runners find out if they have got a place in the Virgin London Marathon. For most people the response is the same. "Oh No I'm not in". And more often "OH NO I AM IN". Whatever your emotion - pleased, terrified, relieved, excited you have got a lot of work to do to get to the finish line. Training is not to be taken lightly and needs to start months before the race. Many runners do not know where to start, how far and how often to run, what to wear, what to eat and drink. This causes people to give up on their training and get despondent, or injured. On the other side of the coin they over train and arrive on the start line exhausted and in no fit state to run a marathon. My marathon advice takes you through training plans, food, drink and clothing and relates to any marathon, I am just using The VLM as an example. I have ran 5 marathons over the past 3 years, some good, some (very) bad, but all hard work.

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