My triathlon training – the beginning

Well, swimming is something that I have been wanting to learn for a long time, but as I don’t particularly enjoy the water it is something that I have been putting off.

I always say to my client ‘There is never a right time, just enter a race and it will make you train’. Time to put that into practice I thought. I know, I will enter a triathlon!

So I did just that. At this point I could do ‘holiday swimming’ as I called it. Breast stroke with my face safely above the water, hair completely dry. There was going to be much work to do.

After venturing to the pool a couple of times with friends and them trying to coax me into submerging my face, I decided I needed some more professional tuition. Someone who I couldn’t say ‘I don’t want to, I’m scared’ too. I was advised to contact Christine at Sleekerswim.

She met up with me and I gradually learned that I wouldn’t die immediately if I submerged my face in the water (as long as I remembered to exhale!). At first it was just a standing in the shallow end, dip face in and blow bubbles. OK got that. Now it was time to put that into actually moving…how hard could it be?!

Actually it was very hard! And still is. I am now having weekly lessons and practicing with my friends twice a week. Last week I swam a length with no stopping to choke or panic. That was quite a big deal for me (and the life guards who have been painfully watching my efforts for the last few weeks and wondering whether they needed to pull off a rescue).

I am starting to enjoy my swims. Yes I still breathe in the wrong places and sometimes get my arm strokes a bit wrong but my confidence in the water has grown immensely. I am surprisingly OK at back stroke but would rather not swim that in the triathlon for fear of causing a pile up with the other swimmers! Although it would cut down my competition a bit!

So, for now I continue my practicing..BUBBLE BUBBLE BREATHE (Sadie BREEEATHE). My triathlon isn’t until the end of April so I have enough time to remember all the essentials like breathing.

The next bit of traumatic excitement – the triathlon practice in full tri-suit! I will keep you posted!