Personal Training in Lancaster

I’m Sadie, and offer Personal Training in Lancaster. I trained to be a nurse way back in 1990 and enjoyed nursing until 2000 when my second son was born. I decided on a change of career and became a primary teacher, which I did for around six years but it wasn’t really me. Having always loved exercise and fitness I decided on re training (again!) to be a Personal Trainer. I did this full time alongside Sports Massage for around ten years until I decided to return to nursing part time.

So, now I have the best of both worlds, nursing half of the week and self employed PT for half of the week. I love the mixture and they both complement each other really well. I am passionate about fitness and staying as healthy as we can be, both physically and mentally. Life can be tough! We need to look after ourselves in order to enjoy it at its fullest.

Outdoor Personal Training in Lancaster takes place in Williamsons Park. Click here for more information about our most wonderful local resource.

I love the outdoors and enjoy running, cycling, yoga, hiking, triathlon and outdoor swimming.

For information about Outdoor Personal Training sessions click here.

How to contact me:


Phone/text/WhatsApp: 0781 1868851

What do I do?

Research Nurse

Practice Nurse

Mum to two grown up boys

Personal Trainer

Teaching myself how to write a blog

Learning French

Learning to play guitar


RGN and then return to practice

BA Hons in Primary Teaching

PT Level 3 including Box fit, Kettlebells, TRX

Sports Massage Level 4