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All Outdoor Personal Training sessions are designed around what you can do and your goals. I am freidnly and build up a good rapport with clients. I think that is essential for people to feel comfortable and get the best out of the sessions. Here is an example of types of training we can use depending on your fitness levels. My clients range from beginners with a low level of fitness to marathon runners and everyone in between.

Have a look at my blog post ‘what’s in a session‘ for more info

I am passionate about health and fitness, especially outdoor training. All PT sessions are run outside, in most weathers (coats needed at times!). I exercise with you so you wont be alone. I choose quiet areas to run the sessions, which are usually in Williamson’s Park but the venue can vary at certain times to suit all involved. Contact me for my availability.Read below for an idea about my training sessions and please get in touch if you have further questions.

For our Outdoor Personal Training sessions we use a variety of equipment as well as your own body weight. Sessions can include:

Running, walking, hills, steps, benches, skipping ropes

Body weight, kettle bells, dumb bells, med balls, gliders, body bar, discs

Battle rope, TRX system, boxing pads, resistance bands

Outdoor Personal Training sessions are designed from your current level of fitness and adapted each week in order for you to progress to increasing your fitness level. I am particularly interested in training ladies going through peri-menopause or menopause. It is an area where I can really help, and as we start to age, it is even more important to keep moving and keep strong.


1 session £30

5 sessions £150

10 sessions £280

20 sessions £540

Some clients choose 2 sessions per week, some prefer one session per week.

How to contact me:

Email:  sadie_anna@yahoo.co.uk

Phone/text/WhatsApp: 0781 1868851

9 Replies to “About Outdoor Personal Training”

  1. At 75yrs of age I finally decided to improve my fitness. It was with some trepidation that I contacted Sadie and arranged to have an assessment prior to my first session. I’ve enjoyed walking for many years but have never worked out in any structured way. And although my legs are reasonably strong my upper strength is a bit pathetic and I was quite anxious about that first meeting.
    I need not have worried, Sadie soon put me at my ease and explained how she would develop a programme to suit my ability that would build my strength and confidence over the coming weeks. I feel relaxed, comfortable and safe in her care, and would encourage anyone who has been hesitating about starting a course to give it a go.

  2. I have had a few sessions of personal Training with Sadie in the park. I loved every one! Each one was different which kept me interested and motivated. Our sessions included boxing, kettle bells, bands, suspension trainer, and bodyweight exercises. We also used benches in the park and of course the steps! Each session was well thought out and all my strengths and weaknesses were taken into consideration. I definitely felt in safe hands with Sadie and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

  3. I always enjoy my weekly personal training sessions with Sadie. I like the variety of exercises we do and doing the sessions in the park means you’re getting fresh air into the bargain! I always leave the session feeling much more energised and it’s great to clear my head after work.
    Sadie is really encouraging throughout the session and has a lovely manner which works really well for me – just the perfect amount of encouragement.
    I’d highly recommend personal training sessions with Sadie.

  4. I’ve been having PT sessions with Sadie for nearly 2 years now. She is a perfect mix of professionalism, motivation and careful attention to your individual needs and wants.
    I love the venue – exercising outdoors is so much nicer, even when it’s a bit damp! Plenty of variety – the hour whizzes by.
    And having been through a couple of difficult life situations recently, I can absolutely recommend the benefits of exercise in natural surroundings to lift you mentally as well as strengthening you physically.
    Thoroughly recommend Sadie’s sessions.

  5. I am in my second set of sessions with Sadie and the increase in both my strength and stamina is very noticeable. Sadie tailors each session to suit my personal needs and the weather conditions, and even manages to make hard work seem enjoyable!

    I love meeting in Williamson Park, there’s no better gym in the world!

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