Swimming at High Dam Tarn

Swimming at High Dam Tarn – I have been outdoor swimming for around six years now but this was my first visit to High Dam with my lovely friend Lindsay. High Dam is a beautiful area near Finsthwaite, at the south end of Windermere. It is a gorgeous, magical woodland area with oak trees, birches, larch and pine trees. Carpetted in a range of bracken, heather, bluebells and wild garlic, winding trails and footpaths guide you around.

We swim often together and had a free day off so decided to venture further afield. Our last swim had been at Devils Bridge, which was lovely, but theres always the slight worry about currents! As I’d never been to High Dam (but had heard about it) we opted for a trip up the M6.

It was a beautiful sunny day, after what seems like months of rain, it actually felt spring like. We had a short hike to the tarn from the car park. A very pretty warm up before getting into the water! I loved the woodland, it was so peaceful and quiet, smelt gorgeous and fresh, and was very picturesque.

We changed into our cossies and headed for the water. There was no one else swimming, but a couple of women sitting by the water. That first feeling of stinging when you get into the water, a few gasps and controlling your breathing, then, bliss. Oh I do love that feeling once youve got over the cold. We had a lovely swim up and down the tarn. Looking at the woodland views and listening to the birds and some vocal geese at the far end of the tarn. So Beautiful and so peaceful.

After our swim we left the water, dried off, dressed (although I forgot my knickers!) and sat in the sun eating and drinking to warm up. Lots of good chatter, and then another walk to get the blood flowing again.

Days like this are just fabulous, they fill me up and get me ready to face what life throws. I’m so very lucky to have some wonderful friends who love these things as much as I do. Find something you love doing, and do it often 🙂

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