What’s in a PT session?

It is hard to know whether Personal Training sessions are what you want or need until you start them. This post is a little snippet into what a usual training session with me would be like. So, whats in a PT session? Obviously the sessions are different depending on my client. I like to build up a friendly rapport with clients to ensure everyone feels at ease and is relaxed and happy. People respond in different ways to exercise intruction. I dont shout at people as some PT’s seem to. I gently encourage and help people to see their potential.

Where are the sessions held?

All the sessions are outside and usually in Williamson’s Park in Lancaster. The park is beautiful, well cared for and lends itself to being a great gym. What better than to work out in the great outdoors!

The 1 hour session

We start with a warm up, fast walking, up hill usually and talking about how you are, just checking in with any niggles or worries etc. Sometimes we then do some short running drills, generally back and to a fixed point. This can be a lamp post, bench, path or a timed shuttle run. Adding into that some simple body weight exercises to make sure all the muscles are warm and ready to work. Then comes the main session, usually a mixture of body weight and weighted exercises for a fixed time. Sometimes that will be one time, or can be multiple sets of the same exercises. I mix it up a lot to challenge the body, and sometimes the mind, and ensure a great and also enjoyable workout.

During the hour we add run sets or step sets into the workout, client dependent. I look closely at how the client is feeling to check the workout is at the right level for the client on that particular day, we all have some days that are better than others for many reasons.

We work core and abdominal muscles through-out the session and also some of this is towards the end, lying on mats or standing.

An easy cool down follows, with plenty of stretching of legs, arms and back.

Some clients want exercises to do at home but others prefer to do them with me in the park and do their own activity in between such as hill walking, running, cycling or swimming. All of this is fine and different things work for different people, the main thing is consistency. Try to increase your activity in daily life and fit small sections of exercise in when you can. Look after your body, its the only place we have to live!

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